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Letter: Trump must be investigated

Kyllo writes, "The fact that Trump is a former president does not make him immune to the laws of this country or investigations when evidence suggests that criminal offenses may have occurred."  

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In response to the letter " What are Democrats afraid of? " by Dennis Gullickson:

Democrats are not afraid of former President Donald Trump but they are concerned about the future of our democracy, the damage that Trump has already done to our democracy both domestically and internationally and the damage that he will continue to do to our democracy if allowed.  They are also concerned about the damage of the precedent that would be set by not investigating Trump’s efforts to bypass our laws of democracy for his own gain. 

The Department of Justice currently has two known active investigations connected to Trump, one concerning his effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election and the other involving his possible violation of laws concerning the handling of classified documents violating the Presidential Records Act. According to the evidence uncovered in both investigations so far, it would be ignorant to make a claim that Trump has not broken laws in both investigations. 

The fact that Trump is a former president does not make him immune to the laws of this country or investigations when evidence suggests that criminal offenses may have occurred.  Breaking laws in place for the protection of our democracy without investigation and/or prosecution is not and should not be a privilege enjoyed even by a former president of the United States and is something that this country should not tolerate.  Setting such a precedence would signal a major step towards the downfall of our democracy.

Karry Kyllo lives in East Grand Forks, Minn.


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