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Letter: Unfortunately, a dress code is necessary at today's schools

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As the parent of a daughter, 15, and a son, 6, attending Fargo Public Schools, I found the Nov. 24th story " I am not a distraction " on the "unfair" dress code policy to be laughable.

Disgruntled parent Martin Fredricks should read page 2 of the school handbook, "Our Values," which states "Fargo Public Schools are committed to creating a supportive and positive school climate." He could also review the introductory paragraph of the dress code which states students have a "responsibility to join with other members of the school community in respecting the rights and responsibilities of others and in establishing a climate for learning within the school."

In Fredricks' opinion, if a male student or teacher is distracted by his daughter's attire, then the problem is with the distracted person, not his daughter's clothing or lack of. He fails to realize that other female students, not just males and teachers, are also noticing the poor clothing decisions made by their peers.

It's unfortunate the school district has to have so many rules in their handbook, but parenting has become a lost art and our schools are now responsible for dressing our children. I'm hoping a review of this policy results in something similar to that at Shanley High School.

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