Letter: Using fear to collect votes

"Actually solving problems is counter-productive for Republicans," Bismarck resident Mike Quinn writes. "Republicans don’t sell solutions, they sell fear."

Letter to the editor FSA

Republicans rely on emotion, not intellect, to harvest votes.

If abortion is outlawed, it may backfire on Republicans. Abortion is a great emotional issue. However, Republicans still have guns, gays, god, socialism, immigrants and a host of other emotional issues to stir the cult members.

Actually solving problems is counter-productive for Republicans. Republicans don’t sell solutions, they sell fear. Someone is going to get my gun, invade my border or take away my religion. Republicans don’t talk about fixing the roads, child care, health care, minimum wage or affordable education. There is no emotion in those issues.

Fear works wonders with the poorly-informed. Trump showed us how wall-building was vote-getting. Trump never proposed improving anything but tax breaks for the rich.

Mike Quinn is a resident of Bismarck.


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