Letter: We are a country of immigrants

DeDe Tredinnick writes that Arthur Kollie, the man found guilty of murdering 14-year-old Jupiter Paulsen, is not representative of all African immigrants.

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My heart goes out to Jupiter Paulsen’s family during this difficult time. The alleged murderer is a troubled person. He had been in trouble since he was a youth. He has anger issues, drug issues, and alcohol issues; which caused him all kinds of legal trouble. No matter his race, his background or anything, Arthur Kollie is not well and made bad choices. His actions are not representative of all African immigrants.

The Liberian/Nigerians/Kenyans, I know are thrilled to be in the U.S. Many survived wars and walked hundreds of miles to get to a refugee camp. One thing the immigrants say is the best thing about American is food. Bola loves three meals a day. Moses is sending his kids to college. Then Harrison, who has kids here and in Liberia, says his kids here have more opportunity.

These immigrants love America. They work, make money, buy homes, and live well. They celebrate by making tons of food and playing music. They are celebrating because their life is so much better here! They just want a better life for their kids. That sounds like most parents I know; we all want better for our kids. They want to live in peace, just like we do.

It’s just like everyone else that came to America. We are a country of immigrants. We came for a better life. African immigrants are not replacing anyone. They are adding to the culture of America.

DeDe Tredinnick lives in Brooklyn Park, Minn.


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