Letter: We are right to be concerned about what our children are being taught

Hanson said there is abundant evidence that children are being taught to hate the National Anthem, American flag and the police.

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I read with much interest Mike Hulett's column, " Times that try men's souls " and the rebuttal by Allyne Holz . In response to Holz, all one needs to do is to go on social media and watch mainstream outlets to see examples of athletes dropping to their knees with raised fists during the National Anthem, "protestors" (actually rioters) burning the American flag, radicals advocating death to police and even politicians defunding the police, to see plenty of evidence that "[m]any school children are being taught to hate police, the National Anthem, and the American flag."


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In addition, the social studies standards first proposed by the Minnesota Department of Education, including "critical race theory," were so egregious that they generated over "5,000 comments coming from Minnesotans who are concerned about their proposals."

Kendall Qualls, a Black man who founded a nonprofit organization emphasizing the importance of education and family in the Black community, testified during an Education Finance and Policy Committee hearing, expressing concern over "a coordinated effort to promote critical race theory and this false narrative of white privilege and systemic racism" instead of "focusing on the declining academic performance of our state's students, regardless of race" (an article by John Hinderaker in the Spring 2021 THINKING MINNESOTA, published by Center of the American Experiment).

Keep writing, Mr. Hulett!


Janine Hanson lives in Moorhead.

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