Letter: We can work to better the world or criticize those trying

Carl Wannemacher of Perham, Minn., responds to a recent column by Mike Hulett.

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Mike Hulett: Your column " Never caring enough to save Mother Earth " was quite a litany about growing up to get a couple of swipes in at the environmentally concerned and the Obamas. Not sure what the Obama connection was there.

I suspect you and I are about the same age and have had many of the same experiences.

I was a farm kid, so there were some differences to go along with the idyllic lifestyle we all lived back then. Being on a dry land farm in North Dakota presented the problem of flies constantly getting in the house. The solution: DDT. Dad would spray the house down, we would go to town with cream and eggs to sell, come home and sweep out the house. Who knew?

Dad did his own repairs, no need to take all that machinery to town for oil changes or gasoline fills. The old oil could just be dumped on the driveway. It kept the dust down. It also worked its way down to the ground water. Who knew?

We live in the world we have made and we can work to better it or criticize those trying, but we can’t go back to the world in which you and I grew up. I don’t like a lot of it, either, but there is a lot that I prefer not going back to, as well. Polio, chicken pox, measles, the Red scare, segregation and a few more. Life and time have corrected some of this, not all, so there is still work to do. You can be part of it or you can complain about the Obamas seaside getaways, which brings to mind Mar-A-Lago.


Carl Wannemacher lives in Perham, Minn.

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