Letter: We do not want a ruling class

Ron Runsvold of West Fargo writes about North Dakota legislators' attempt to revise term limit measure.

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I am a Conservative, I wouldn’t vote for a liberal Democrat at the point of a gun; but the super super Republican majority in North Dakota has become an arrogant unresponsive power-grabbing old boys network that I cannot support either.

The latest example: a legislative study for a response to racial taunts at sporting events. Give me a break. I know that chants to distract an opposing player are part of the game. “No batter! No batter!” or “Hey, rubber arm!” to cite a couple of examples, but there is no room for personal attacks especially in high school athletics, and if you need a “study” to tell you that, I’ll vote for Donald Duck as a write-in before I’ll vote for you. Banishment, for the game, for the season, or for life depending on the number of incidents are the only acceptable responses.

Rep. Jayme Davis, D-Rolette, said she brought the proposal after learning of two recent basketball games where young fans made racist remarks and gestures toward non-white players.

Let’s talk about the voter mandated ethics commission, and the milque-toast implementation thereof. Did it deal with the former Attorney General Stenejhem real-estate/email situation satisfactorily ? Not in my opinion, because I have no confidence that a similar situation will not recur. Now we have voter mandated term limits that our legislative majority propose to implement presumably in a manner to protect their individual positions since there is no real danger of losing the legislature to a liberal majority.

Let me state this as plainly as I can: We do not want a ruling class. Let me stress that: we want a citizen legislature, not professionals experienced in misdirection, distraction and obfuscation. Legislative experience is not necessary to be in the Legislature, the citizenry certainly knows what it wants. Suck it up, Buttercup, go get a real job and live by the laws that you passed, assuming you actually have marketable skills.

A proposal by Fargo Rep. Jim Kasper suggests extending the number of years allowed under the voter-passed term limits measure and expanding the limits to other elected positions.

Do I sound like I’m mad? I hope so because I am. In a perfect world, as designed by me, executive and legislative branch officials would be limited to one term, with a minimum of four years between with no crossover. That’s 4 years completely out of government before reinstatement of eligibility for office.


Ron Runsvold lives in West Fargo.

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