Letter: We must not 'remain silent in times of moral crisis'

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As stated in a quote from Dante's Inferno frequently mentioned by John F. and Robert Kennedy, "the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who remain silent in times of moral crisis." And thus, I am going to add my 10 cents to the discussion over whether Trump is a crook or not, as former President Nixon once observed about himself.

I believe that things are getting a bit out of control as far as Trump is concerned. I am specifically thinking about the Republican Party; especially all those who have decided to forever attach themselves to the Trump bandwagon. I sincerely don’t understand why the once great Republican Party - the party of Goldwater, Ford and others - has decided to do this; in essence go down with a sinking ship, for I can only believe that it is just a matter of time (the 2020 election) when these same Republicans along with Trump at their side will reap the whirlwind of all those lies, strings of broken promises, and illegal efforts to overthrow those Democrats who are really only trying to fulfill their constitutional duties.

Just a couple of issues off the top of my head concern me:

  • Individuals on disability who have lost their Medicare Part B medical support (once assured by the state)
  • Immigration, in which children have been imprisoned and separated from their parents because of their race, and, in turn, Trump’s foreign policy efforts which appear more like manufactured crises (e.g. the Middle East/Iran, etc.)

Trump himself has stated on more than one occasion that he feels a close friendship with dictators like Vladimir Putin and his North Korean ally. Perhaps that is because he is, at bottom, a dictator himself and thus can identify with those dictatorial regimes in terms of expressing his own personal values: a willingness to go to any extreme to get what he wants, both in terms of financial gain and in turn, of what he will do to try and win the 2020 election.
These are dark times my Democratic and Republican friends, and I am afraid they are only going to get darker as the next election draws nearer. It’s time to let the sinking ship sink on its own. Trump is just not worth it.

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