Letter: We need a free press to do its job

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Attorney General William Barr wants to get to the bottom of how the Russia investigation got started. He has appointed a U.S. attorney, John Durham, to determine the origins of the Trump/Russia probe. Barr is being brutalized by Democrats and the media in his efforts to get to the truth. In fact, both are asserting this new investigation is unnecessary and equivalent to harassment. They are calling it a “constitutional crisis.”

Conversely, many people consider this to be the greatest scandal in American history. It potentially involves unlawful government surveillance (political spying) by the hierarchy in the FBI. There is evidence they tried to influence the outcome of a national election and then attempt to bring down a duly elected president after the election. Does this sound like America to you?

This is the kind of scandal our Founding Fathers feared most. It is potential treason. What is amazing to me is that the mainstream media is not interested in getting the facts. It seems they could care less!

If America falls it will collapse from within. If the CIA, FBI and the Department of Justice in the Obama administration interfered in a national presidential election, it must be exposed and reported. It is crucial for the survival of America. The media has a huge responsibility in getting to the truth. We need a free press to do its job.

I believe a majority of the American people want the truth and if warranted, justice. We need the national media to seek the truth in the Russia/Trump probe. A biased press is not free. I believe it would be a “constitutional crisis” if we don’t find out the truth. Freedom of the press is at stake. I would like to remind the media, freedom of the press doesn’t just belong to journalists, it belongs to every American citizen.

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