Letter: What happened to open mic night?

Owen Piehl of Moorhead writes that Dempsey's plans to replace Thursdays open mic night with sex toy bingo.

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Last Thursday I went to my favorite events in Fargo — Dempseys’ Open Mic Night — and was met with terrible news: Dempseys plans to replace the longest running open mic in Fargo with (drumroll…) sex toy bingo. In two weeks, Open Mic Night, a staple of the Fargo music scene, will be gone and a gathering of sex toys and (bingo) balls will take its place.

This fall we lost DCR Brewing. There are currently three open mics left: Mondays at Front Street Taproom, one or two Thursdays per month at Black Coffee & Waffle House, and Thursday nights at Dempseys. In a city known as a hot spot for artists, North Dakota’s home for creativity, we are losing the events that make it possible for locals to share their music.

Fargo, is this really what we want? To trade creativity for gimmicky theme nights? To pour cold water on the local art that makes this community great?

There are two open mics left at Dempseys unless we take action. Come out Dec. 8 and 15th at 9 p.m. to show your support, call them at 701-235-5913 and message them on Facebook (@Dempseyspublichouse). Show Dempseys that Fargo supports local creativity, art and good music.

And please, tip your bartenders.


Owen Piehl lives in Moorhead.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

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