Letter: What's the difference between harvesting a pheasant and a wildebeest?

A person holds a letter with the text "letter to the editor" overlaid on the image.

The George Johnson letter published Dec. 2 condemning big game hunting is hypocritical. He says he is an upland game hunter, so what is the difference between harvesting a pheasant and harvesting a blue wildebeest?

In both cases, the meat is consumed and part or all of the animal may be displayed. Do you not "triumph" over the defenseless pheasant that has done you no harm?

If a child expresses an interest in hunting, they should be taught safety, skills and ethics at a young age. Kids should get involved in wholesome, legal activities to help them stay away from the modern mischief of society.

Which one of you "values" does that conflict with? If Dr. Johnson doesn't have the desire (or skills?) to big game hunt then he should not disparage those who do and stay in his own lane.

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