Letter: Who does your representative represent?

Bruce Anderson asks, "Do they represent the people of their districts or do they blindly serve the Republican Caucus?"

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All eyes are on Speaker McCarthy as the United States nears the debt limit - when the Treasury must decide who to pay - and who to stiff - if the U.S. becomes a deadbeat nation.

Congress increased the limit three times during the Trump administration, as the nation incurred an additional $8.1 trillion in debt (25% of the current $31 trillion).  The hypocrisy of the GOP now holding the nation hostage is astounding.

The damage of the U.S. defaulting on our pledge to pay our bills will be devastating.  The threat to the national and global economy is very real, but the threat to individuals - Social Security recipients, our military, veterans, Forest Service firefighters, and those who may quickly lose their jobs in the resulting recession.  This will definitely hit our home towns…and your retirement savings.

But why is the focus on McCarthy?  Where are North Dakota’s Kelly Armstrong and Minnesota’s Michelle Fischbach, Brad Finstad, Pete Stauber, and Tom Emmer Are they followers rather than leaders?

Do they represent the people of their districts or do they blindly serve the Republican Caucus?  Why are they going along with this political charade that will bring so much damage to their constituents?   It would take only five principled Republicans to cleanly raise the debt limit as has been done 78 times previously.  These five could save the nation.


Call your GOP Representative to ask who they serve…and demand that they speak for us.

Bruce Anderson is a resident of St. Cloud, Minn.

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