Letter: Who is this North Dakota life good for?

Michelle Foss of Fargo writes, "Why would women move to a state where she is unable to make her health care decisions?"

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I read The Forum’s Dec. 10th opinion columns which discussed the need for workers in North Dakota with bewildered amusement. I wondered why the issue likely to thwart efforts to attract prospective employees was not mentioned.

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North Dakota is in competition with all other states to attract scarce workers. We've got to up our game, and Gov. Doug Burgum has presented promising ideas that warrant support.

The target audience of people we want to attract is probably 21- 40 years old. The population most impacted by laws banning abortions.

Why would women move to a state where she is unable to make her health care decisions? How many people this age want to relocate where the best care might be unavailable should pregnancy complications develop?

Ads promoting “find the good life in North Dakota” are confusing. Who is this North Dakota life good for? It is not good for women, for anyone of childbearing age, for people who value diversity, innovation, and inclusiveness. It’s not good for the people we want to convince to relocate here. Would you want your pregnant loved one to move here? Would your answer change if there was a history of reproductive complications?

Why believe North Dakota is an ideal place to plant roots? Why trust North Dakota will nurture, bolster, and develop opportunities for females, individuals outside of the norm, or those whose skin color is not white? Why apply for positions requiring them to live in a state that eliminated individual rights? Why view the state as progressive when observing us actively reversing progress? With so many available options why overlook any issues?


It will be amusing to watch North Dakota politicians underestimate the intelligence of their target audience as they unsuccessfully attempt to spin this. Maybe we will attract old, rich, white men terrified of the possibility of a level playing field who don’t need employment. Those fellas might find the good life in North Dakota but I think they already have.

Michelle Foss lives in Fargo.

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