Letter: Why has WDAY Chief Meteorologist John Wheeler become such a downer?

Dave Vacha from Fargo writes that "his column has really slid into a low-pressure system from which I believe there is no return."

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I haven't written a letter to the editor in a while, but it is time. I can't take it anymore. My main gripe today is Chief Meteorologist John Wheeler.

For many years now I have been relying on Wheeler to give me the weather report, good or bad, usually bad, given our geographic circumstances. Weather Talk with John Wheeler is one of the best columns Inforum has to offer, in my opinion. Recently though, especially the last few weeks, his column has really slid into a low-pressure system from which I believe there is no return.

I'll use today's Weather Talk as an example, even though I could go on for a few thousand words about the negative garbage he's been spewing for the last month. Today I started my day as I usually do, brushed teeth, bath, and Inforum. Another day wrecked by the Bad Apple John Wheeler. Today I learned that the snowpack is likely to last until April. That's over two weeks away, Wheels. How about instead of telling us that this winter is never going to end, you point out that the sun is shining and there is no blizzard today?

John, I've learned a lot about the weather from you in the last 30ish years. This year you have taught me nothing but hopelessness. In a time like this you'd better start living in the now or you will lose me as a fan.

Good day, Mr. Wheeler.


Dave Vacha lives in Fargo

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