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Letter: Why we fight for decency

Pornography promises excitement, no consequences and unlimited pleasure. The truth of the matter is pornography has disastrous consequences.

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A battle is raging for your soul, and the enemy's name is pornography.

Pornography addiction may begin subtly, but it has the power to rewire your brain. Pornography promises excitement, no consequences and unlimited pleasure. The truth of the matter is pornography has disastrous consequences.

Like the lottery, pornography teases your heart's desire, but instead robs you of everything.

Dr. Victor B. Cline, a scientist with George Washington University's human resources research office, was a pioneer in describing the now familiar process of pornography addiction:

  • Addiction
  • Desensitization
  • Escalation
  • Acting out

Cline's studies on the harms of pornography have been known - but suppressed - for decades. Today, there is no longer any doubt that pornography is an addiction with a powerful grip on its consumer. The heart-breaking results of our pornographic society are evident everywhere. Only the willfully blind do not connect the dots between pornography consumption and the resulting destruction.
Millions are victims of pornography and live the heartache on a personal level. A 16-year-old girl confided to me 20 years ago that her parents were separated. She explained that her mother had given up hope that her father would abandon his compulsive pornography viewing, despite his repeated efforts to quit and continual promises to do so. "It's just like adultery," this teen said sadly, "it really is."


Dr. Mary Anne Layden, the director of the sexual trauma and psychopathology program at the University of Pennsylvania stated, "...there's a consequence in the society when you start treating sex as a product and women as a thing."

Decades ago, a young adult asked, "Is it even realistic to believe there are any men out there who are not watching porn?" Unfortunately, since that time, we've been engulfed in an increasingly violent onslaught of the most vile pornography imaginable. This environmental poison is almost impossible to escape. It's a multi-billion dollar industry, undergirded and supported by much of corporate America .

If you, or a loved one needs help conquering an addiction to pornography, please seek help. Addictions cannot be fought alone. www.calofmn.com/resources

Ann Redding is president of Christian Action League of Minnesota.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

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