Letter: Will Republican lawmakers stand up for America?

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It is time for Republican lawmakers to stand up for democracy and reject the President's dangerous attempts to subvert democracy.

I know that this is a staunchly Republican state, and Sens. Hoeven and Cramer and Rep. Armstrong are worried about their reelection chances. But surely, protecting our great nation is more important than the jobs of these men. Their self-centered cowardice in light of this most grave of threats is shameful.

Because honestly, I understand that many of the people have been blindsided by the president's loss. We are all so stuck in our little bubbles that discovering that there are large swaths of the country that don't agree is shocking. It is natural that people would reject this surprising reality. But the job of our leaders is not to give into our basest instincts. It is to stand up and do what is right for their constituents. And allowing the subversion of democracy is not what is right. It's just what is easy. It's time for the men representing us to do the hard thing. Be the heroes of history.

Larsen lives in Fargo.

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