Letter: Will the obsessive bashing of the senator ever end?

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I should start by saying that I try not to click on links to read entire Rob Port articles as I'm sure more site visits help justify keeping his column running. I should also mention I vaguely agree with some of his points, but rarely.

I read the start of the recent article of Port's in which he complains about Senator Heitkamp's leftover campaign funds and what she should do with them. Will the obsessive bashing of the senator ever end? And after the money is given to the Democratic National Committee and/or charity, will he continue to complain?

Out of curiosity I went to Port's website to see if he's written any articles recently concerning Trump's lack of financial transparency, or just any of the hundreds of brazen lies. I wasn't shocked at my lack of findings. I would think a sitting president acting like a toddler for two years would extract an opinion, but nope.

Perhaps when this current administration is done draining themselves from the swamp and we hear of a few more guilty pleas, Rob will finally have an opinion on the subject.

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