Letter: With new homeless shelter, Moorhead Police will need a new substation

In response to the new homeless shelter, maybe we could convince Fargo to contribute to the construction of a “temporary” 24-hour response center.

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Moorhead needs a new police substation. With the glad tidings of a new “temporary” homeless shelter at 1015 30th Ave. S, the never-ending calls “for assistance” in the nine to 2100 blocks of 18th, 19th and 20th Streets South and the ever-popular body mutilations and shootings occurring east of the Courtyard by Marriot, statistics easily illustrate the need for a closer base of operations for first responders.

Maybe we could convince Fargo to contribute to the construction of a “temporary” 24-hour response center “along that bus route” to equitably facilitate the emergency runs that will be needed by those individuals now destined to be migrated from North Dakota to a state that has no fewer than 14 agencies and incorporated resources for the homeless. Those rides to jail will go much more quickly and central dispatch will have a higher turnaround rate on the police squads, ambulances and fire companies being dispatched to south Moorhead.


  • Vacant building to become homeless shelter in south Moorhead Fargo city commission OKs helping retrofit building
  • Letter: If Fargo needs a homeless shelter it should be built in Fargo, not Moorhead Fargo citizens have already pulled a fast one on Moorhead taxpayers by building a homeless complex on the city's northside.

To quote the voice from "Field of Dreams," “If you build it, they will come.” Apparently, we are building it. And they are coming.
Robert Seigel lives in Moorhead.

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