Letter: Worst negotiator ever

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Our president claims to be a terrific negotiator, bragging, “I know deals, I think, better than anybody knows deals.”

I beg to differ. Consider just a partial list of the “deals” in his record as president:

  • Failed trade negotiations with China, leading to a trade war, American taxpayers paying the cost of tariffs, and huge losses for our farmers partially offset by subsidy payments (again, covered by taxpayers)
  • Failed negotiations to refine health care, leading to no changes other than attempts by the president to totally overturn “Obamacare” (without a replacement)
  • Failed negotiations with North Korea, leading to that country doubling down on the development of nuclear weapons
  • Withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, with nothing to replace it, leaving the U.S. role in the Asia-Pacific arena in question
  • Withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, with nothing to replace it, leading to potential (and immediate) increases in that country’s nuclear capability
  • Withdrawal of 12,000 troops from Germany because Trump can’t get that country to expend 2% of its GNP on defense exactly when he wants them to do so. The move will cost billions of dollars and could lead to a weakened NATO force and an emboldened Russia (which may be what Trump would like).
  • Finally, how are the negotiations going for Mexico paying for the wall?

Our president’s negotiating strategy seems to be, “do it my way or else,” which results in exactly … nothing. President Trump likes to use superlatives. Here is one for him: Worst negotiator in the history of the presidency.

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