More on Maxie's, Fargo grocery stores of bygone years

The woman who sent in a piece about the old Maxie's grocery store in north Fargo had its address wrong, she now writes Neighbors. Several others spotted the error, too, including John Olson, Hawley, Minn., who wrote that Maxie's was on 10th Avenu...

Bob Lind, Neighbors columnist
Bob Lind, Neighbors columnist

The woman who sent in a piece about the old Maxie's grocery store in north Fargo had its address wrong, she now writes Neighbors. Several others spotted the error, too, including John Olson, Hawley, Minn., who wrote that Maxie's was on 10th Avenue North, near Eighth Street, not 10th Street as listed in the story.

"There was a store on 10th street between Seventh Avenue and Eighth Avenue, called Herb's Grocery," John writes. "In those days there were three or four small grocery stores within a four-block area.

"I grew up on Eighth Avenue and 11th Street and I remember the B&B Pantry on 13th Street. There was another store on the same block, on the corner of Eighth Avenue and 12th Street; I believe it was Benny's Grocery."

Donnie Olson, Fargo, says a small grocery store named Herb's Market was on the east side of 10th Street North between 7th and 8th avenues. He says a new apartment building is there now.

Frank Anderson, Fargo, has more grocery store memories.


"Our family lived at 815 11th Ave. N.," Frank writes. "Prior to that we lived at 1144 9th St. N." Steve Johnson (who wrote Neighbors earlier about grocery stores) mentions a store near Roosevelt school. It was right across the street from the school. It was owned by the Farenbach family. I remain in contact with one of the siblings, Sandy Farenbach-Grenz.

"Maxie's Grocery was owned by Max Geller," Frank says. "The store was very dirty. We could put our initials on a canned good one year and the markings would be there the next year.

"He kept one carton of milk in the cooler. I do not remember a large assortment of candy.

"Masse's Grocery on Eighth Street and 12th Avenue North (the building still stands) had the candy. The owner was French and he would sing songs in French while he cut meat.

"Masse's would attract students from Shanley High School for lunch. There were times Roger Maris would go there.

"Max was a close relative to the Geller family that once owned a thriving used auto parts store, Gellers, on west Main Avenue.

"A business called the Slush Hut was on Ninth or 10th Avenue and about Fifth Street. We would purchase cold drinks after baseball at Mikkelson Field. We played a lot of ball at Mikkelson. Hundreds of kids played there, all organized by the kids and run by the kids; no parents were in sight. There were no cars bringing us to play; we rode bikes. What a fun time. All a kid needed back then was a bike, a glove, a ball, a bat, swim trunks and some pocket change and we were off having fun."

" Injun Joe (mentioned in an earlier Neighbors column ) who we called 'Old Joe,' walked the Fargo streets for years doing odd jobs," Frank writes. "He carried a broom or a shovel, depending on the time of the year. He was not a drunk, but was a hard worker.


"The man with the warts (called the Wartman in the earlier column), was a relative of a neighbor of mine. I would see him all the time. His son is still around and is very handsome and a successful businessman in Fargo. I never knew what his disease was called. His lesions were not really warts but golf ball-size bumps all over his body."

Being thoughtful

Earlier this year, Neighbors asked you what we all could do to make your lives a little more pleasant. Several people responded.

One anonymous person wrote he/she would like his/her neighbor to stop screaming at his wife in the driveway at 6 a.m. nearly every Saturday.

Well, Steve Strege, Fargo, is relieved that issue isn't about him and his missus. "My wife is never on the driveway at 6 a.m. any day of the week, so the complaint can't be about me," he writes. But he wonders why this only happens Saturday; why not Sunday through Friday, too, he asks?

On another issue, Steve says he's on the side of the person who wishes drivers would use their turn signals, and if they do, not to wait until they are half way around the corner until they do so.

There you go, neighbors; thoughtful little things you can do to make daily living a bit more pleasant for others.

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Opinion by Bob Lind
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