Plain Talk: Lawmaker who resigned citing 'toxic' political environment speaks out

Listen to Sen. Nicole Poolman (R-Bismarck) talk about her decision to end a decade-long stint in the Legislature due to what she describes as a dysfunctional political environment.

PHOTO: Sen. Nicole Poolman retirement speech
Sen. Nicole Poolman, a Republican from Bismarck, announces her retirement on November 11, 2021. (Screencapture via legislative video feed)

Sen. Nicole Poolman has served in the North Dakota Senate since 2012.

During last week's special session, she announced her retirement , saying she won't be running for another term.

Some of her reasons were personal, she wants to spend more time with family, and some were professional, she wants to focus on her job as a teacher, but part of the reason is what she cited as a "toxic" political environment.


Sen. Poolman joined this episode of Plain Talk to discuss that toxicity.

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Opinion by Rob Port
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