Plain Talk: "We have no interest in trying to screw landlords," ACLU leader says of call for a moratorium on evictions

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North Dakota nonprofit groups held a remote news conference Monday, March 30, to talk about a letter they are sending to Gov. Doug Burgum, urging him to issue an executive order placing a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures as a way to stem an expected surge in homelessness due to impacts from the coronavirus outbreak. Special to The Forum
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The ACLU of North Dakota, among other organizations, has called on Gov. Doug Burgum to issue a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures during the coronavirus crisis.

Dane DeKrey, a spokesman for the ACLU, says it's about protecting renters but not making landlords the bad guys. "We have no interest in trying to screw landlords," DeKrey said on this episode of Plain Talk.

What the ACLU would like to see is an executive order which states that individuals can't be evicted, can't be foreclosed on, can't be charged late fees or interest for failure to pay, and can't see their credit rating downgraded.

DeKrey says he does still wand landlords to be paid what they're owed, just not right now.


"We're asking for a pause button," he added.

Why should landlords be forced into a situation where they're providing, at their expense, relief from coronavirus?

"That's a good question," DeKrey said, adding that it doesn't have an easy answer.

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