Port: Billionaire’s pet issue on ND's ballot Is why we need initiated measure reform

Shane Goettle, a member of the committee sponsoring Marsy's Law, speaks at a press conference in the state capitol on Tuesday morning prior to petitions, shown in front of podium, being delivered to the Secretary of State's office. In back from left are Marsha Lembke, Burleigh County Sheriff Pat Heinert, Kelly Leben of the Burleigh County Sheriff's Department, Lacee Anderson, Kathleen Wrigley and Nicole Peske. TOM STROMME/Bismarck Tribune

Over the years I’ve come to be very skeptical of the initiated measure process in North Dakota.

I haven’t always felt this way. In  years past there have been ballot measures that I enthusiastically supported because I thought they were good policy. But increasingly it seems like the initiated measure has become a way for deep-pocketed interests to bypass North Dakota’s elected representatives in the Legislature.

Last cycle we had Measure 5 which would have created a slush fund for conservation activists and was backed by big money groups like Ducks Unlimited.

This cycle we have Marsy’s Law, the pet project of California billionaire Henry Nicholas who has, so far, been the ballot measure’s only source of financial support.

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