Renee Ehlert letter: Guard, Reserve treatment is unfair

Regarding Gale Sharpe's letter (Oct.

Regarding Gale Sharpe's letter (Oct. 7) "Thankful for those who serve...":

I would like to inform the public that the "complaining" that she refers to coming from the families is due in part to the unfair treatment of the Reserve/National Guard units.

It wasn't until families started to question the policies that were implemented to the "regular Army" and denied to the Reserve/National Guard members did they start to receive "fair" treatment.

Our soldiers are doing longer terms on account of our government not implementing a plan of reconstruction. Our soldiers are serving our country very proudly and the "soldier" is not the one complaining.

The family members sadly were not necessarily the ones that "signed on the dotted line." We are however in part, "doing the time."


I would guess that if Sharpe had such a strong "opinion" in regards to soldiers that do not pertain to her she would also have an opinion on unfair treatment to any of her family members.

Thank your son in another venue, possibly in a personal letter. I too come from a long line of proud and decorated military men, however, that does not change the way I feel about our mobilization.

Renee Ehlert

Wahpeton, N.D.

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