Robert H. Leslie letter: Lexstar executive still is fully active

The May 18 edition of The Forum included an article headlined, "City grants Gecko's new liquor license," and incorrectly identifies me as "the former president and CEO of Lexstar Development & Construction." I wanted to assure all past, present and future Lexstar clients and customers that I am fully active and in control as the President/CEO of Lexstar Development & Construction.

By way of explanation, I am involved in numerous business ventures. In one of my capacities, I have served for many years as president of the Paramount Hotel Limited Partnership, which owns the Ramada Plaza Suites in Fargo. I am in the process of retiring from this position. However, my retirement from this office certainly does not affect my current position as president/CEO of Lexstar and it does not affect the other positions that I hold.

Robert H. Leslie



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