Williams: A dangerous Iraq War Consortium is uniting behind Biden

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Forum columnist

The Trump resistance movement is firing on all cylinders these days. Social unrest , coronavirus , and ongoing economic uncertainty have turned Trump’s incumbent advantage into an electoral liability. It’s clear Trump’s presidency is in trouble. As the Teflon Don shows weakness in the polls , policy sharks are swarming at the scent of blood in the water.

In the last few weeks, a slew of war hawks and Bush-era officials, including Colin Powell, John Bolton and John Bellinger III, have announced their support for Joe Biden. According to recent reports, more will soon follow. However, progressives should be careful. The enemy of your enemy may not be your friend. The growing list of so-called GOP defections reveals a very stunning commonality: they all (like Biden) promoted and supported the Iraq War.

Powell lamented Trump’s falsehoods before announcing his support for Biden . It is as if Powell expects you to forget his past and trust his judgment. Powell played a critical role in lying to the American people , Congress, and the world to garner support for the war in Iraq . Likewise, Bolton was another architect of the Bush administration's disastrous Middle East policy. Although these are some of the more infamous names in our disastrous and asinine wars, they aren’t alone. Bush-era intelligence officials assembled an orchestra of lies that led to the deaths of over 400,000 people . The destruction wrought by the fabrications of delusional Bush-era war hawks makes Trump’s fibs seem trivial.


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To be clear, there is nothing wrong with crossing the political aisles for the good of the country. However, it would be foolish to assume that’s what's happening here. Political endorsements are rarely spontaneous and almost always coordinated. It’s also naive to think the aforementioned people actually care about the common good. They didn't care when they promoted lies to send American troops to slaughter. They don't care about the crippling debt compiled from these endless wars and they don't care about the lives they've ruined throughout the Middle East. Their records show their concern for societal well-being is minimal to non-existent.


Trump clearly erred in allowing some of these people into his administration. However, to his credit, none lasted long and that is a good thing. Now, war hawks are trying to gain favor with a potential Biden administration to weasel their way back into positions of influence over critical policy decisions. They hope to get from Biden what they couldn’t get from Trump: a resurgence of hawkish war policy stances that have caused nothing but death and despair. Biden’s history of promoting the Iraq War should leave voters weary of the potential authority war hawks may garner in a Biden White House.

The news of former Bush officials, pseudo-conservatives and ultra-hawkish generals endorsing Biden have been splashed across major media outlets and cheered on by progressives.

This is dangerous.

In the fervor to defeat Trump, the American press and left seem content on elevating the most dangerous minds in public policy.

Over the last few years, progressives have convinced themselves Trump is some grave evil that must be defeated at any cost. In doing so, they seem ready and willing to let the devil in through the back door. As we move closer to election day, the anti-war left, or what remains of it, needs to be vigilant. Dangerous people are trying to gain favor with a potential Biden administration, and no one should assume such attempts will fail. They’ve worked before . Regardless of whom you are supporting in November, it’s important to stigmatize, push out, and keep out the reckless warmongers of America’s past.

Williams is the policy director for the North Dakota Young Republicans. He’s an active economist who has worked for numerous liberty-based academic research centers and think-tanks. He earned a bachelor's degree in economics at Florida International University and his master's in financial economics from the University of Detroit Mercy. He is a regular contributor to The Fargo Forum's opinion pages .

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