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Read reader reaction to Zaleski's recent column "Failure is not exceptional."

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My Dec. 5 column on the failure of leadership during the COVID crisis generated a mini-storm of responses. Most were favorable, but not all. A sample:

Janie from Fargo emailed: “Thanks, Jack, for your column … It was spot-on. And I really appreciate your masterful use of language when you compose your columns. Have a great Christmas with your family. We will survive this! Cheers!”

Phil, a regular reader, said: “Great (column)! You could not have outlined North Dakota’s pandemic response better. The federal and state response made our state number one, but in the worst way. Thank you for your courage and your writing ability. Keep writing truth to power.”

Fargo reader Brian wrote: Your commentary was spot on … (I am) so misaligned with friends, family and leaders this past year. Think I will need to watch ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ at least twice this season. Take care.”

From a fellow columnist: “Great column on the failure of leadership during this pandemic.”


A nurse from rural North Dakota wrote : “It was so good to read your words. Out here where COVID is really bad, so many people, sick ones, too, still don’t take it seriously because of what they saw in their so-called leaders, and even city and county officials. It was just awful, and now we all are paying the price. I shared your column with my co-workers and it really gave them some hope that things will get better. Thank you, thank you. I know you will be criticized for telling the truth, but I hope you know that there are a lot of people out here who appreciate your courage.”

From a retired Grand Forks, N.D., physician: “You got it right. All the governor’s ‘happy talk’ has been a waste of valuable time. He fiddled while the pandemic burned through the state. He brushed off advice from public health people and gave in to economic interests. All that ‘lives and livelihoods’ business turned out to be more about livelihoods than lives. Your column did not sugarcoat the governor’s mistakes. Good for you. I’m sure you are taking some heat. Please, stay on it.”


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To which I say, I’m on it, and here is some of the “heat:”

A Bismarck reader called: “Who the f--- do you think you are? You ain’t got no medical degree, right? What do you know? I know docs that say the whole thing is a hoax, like our president said. You think you know more than him? And that governor? Now he’s going along with all your sh--, so he don’t know nothin’ either. Just another Fargo rich guy thinks he’s smarter than everybody else. You people make me sick … !”

From a rural Devils Lake, N.D., online reader: “How is it you libtards in the lamestream media know all about freedom of the press but you don’t give a crap about personal freedom -- like my freedom not to wear a stupid mask? Kinda hypocritical, I’d say. Maybe you’re just a dummy. Yeah, a stupid libtard Biden fan, right? I’m pretty sure of that. No way anyone should read your crap. And that’s what it is. Can’t believe a newspaper would print it.

To which I say regarding the last two responses: See what I mean?

Zaleski retired in 2017 after 30 years as The Forum’s editorial page editor. Contact him at or 701-241-5521 or 701-566-3576


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