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Paul John Scott

Paul John Scott is the health correspondent for NewsMD and the Forum News Service. He is a novelist and was an award winning magazine journalist for 15 years prior to joining the FNS in 2019.


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When given early, lab-engineered antibody infusions have reduced COVID-19 hospitalizations among persons at high risk. Previous versions of these treatments do not appear to work against the omicron variant, however. Replacement products are in short supply, with providers given a few dozen treatments weekly while managing hundreds of new patients.
The Mayo Clinic's modeling project is its digital crystal ball for identifying emerging high-transmission hot spots across the country. Mayo data scientist Dr. Curtis Storlie says Minnesota is now on track to double its highest case numbers. "We're probably half way," Storlie said. "From what we're seeing ... the peak in cases could be anywhere from next week to the first week of February, with an estimate of Jan. 24 as our case peak for the state."
Rapid antigen kits may be running off the shelves, but with omicron, the meaning of both negative and positive results are changing.
Deaths grew by half a million from 2019, 350,000 due to COVID-19.
Researchers looked at data from 26 countries, 181 hospitals. Inflammatory processes believed to be mechanism at work.
The free online COVID-19 map can describe nationwide, statewide, and county-by-county transmission rates, predictions for future
Lee Aase was doing everything right, but kept getting fatter. Now after going Keto he eats breakfast at 2 and wears smaller jeans than in high school.
"Influenza is out there and finding those cracks and taking advantage of opportunities for spread," said Mayo virologist Dr. Matthew Binnicker.
A new survey has learned that while nearly all gastroenterologists recommend colonoscopy for colon cancer screening, one out of four primary care doctors recommend noninvasive methods.
Experts say latest form of COVID-19 shows a virus can play "the long game" by getting milder, but in some countries only.