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Robin Huebner


Huebner is a 35+ year veteran of broadcast and print journalism in Fargo-Moorhead.

The programs in North Dakota and Minnesota, funded by the U.S. Treasury, are meant to help with mortgage and other homeownership costs that people struggled to pay during the pandemic.
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With Denise Kolpack's win on June 14, the Fargo City Commission has two women serving simultaneously for the first time. Here are some experiences that may shape her view of issues that come before the city.
Brandon Sola was headed west on Interstate 94 when he lost control of the motorcycle, a 2007 Harley Davidson, and it started to wobble. He was thrown from the motorcycle and landed in the median, the North Dakota Highway Patrol said.
Northbound lanes only will be closed overnight Wednesday, June 29, starting at 9 p.m. Southbound-only closures will happen overnight on Thursday, June 30, and Tuesday, July 5.
Leland Swanson Jr. purchased his second unit in Manhattan's "Billionaire's Row" and the master condo at the top of the RDO Building in downtown Fargo.
In a special commission meeting, Commissioner Dave Piepkorn was approved again as Fargo's deputy mayor.
Work needed at the new clinic location in Moorhead includes replacement of an outdated heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. The new site will also need a security system with cameras and motion detectors.
The bikes, which sat in storage since late 2019, have been sold to the Bismarck Parks and Recreation District.
Clinic Director Tammi Kromenaker said while she knew the ruling was coming because of the draft opinion leaked in May, it's still "devastating."
The three-story press was described as state-of-the-art technology when installed in 1992 in The Forum building in downtown Fargo.