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mugging: Ross Nelson, columnist;

Ross Nelson


Nelson lives in Casselton, N.D., and is a regular contributor to The Forum's opinion pages.

Nelson writes, "America turned from its birth as a hoped-for “city on a hill” whose true power was to be an example for the world, to an imagined savior of other countries. Progressives wish to level the earth to establish liberal democracy everywhere; conservatives glory in military might and war to show the world who's boss."
"The principle of neutrality didn't go down without a fight," details InForum columnist Ross Nelson. "North Dakota led the way, being the most anti-interventionist state of all."
Nelson writes, "Now that we're meddling in the Russia-Ukraine war, having learned nothing from our blood-soaked interventions in Vietnam, the Philippines, Lebanon, Iraq, Somalia, Panama, World War I, Libya and many, many other imperial thrusts that had nothing to do with preserving our own liberty, we should take a look at America's founders. They were for the most part profoundly neutralist. Not isolationist—America was never that."
Nelson writes, "Dakota winters are by far the longest and worst seasons of all. Sometime in January I stopped counting the wind storms at eight. Ground blizzards from late December to early February typically roared through every two to three days, with perhaps one four-day break somewhere in there."
Nelson writes, "We now have radio talk show host Mark Levin and Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., openly calling for President Putin's assassination. Perhaps then they have no objection to Saddam Hussein's alleged plot to assassinate President George. H.W. Bush."
Nelson writes, "For some reason Americans still have an atavistic fear and hatred of Russia. The Red Scare is back, only this time it's heralded by liberals and their conservative comrades in arms. The War Uniparty is always up for a fight using your money and children."
"How much local control do you have over the assessed value of your home, which determines your property tax?" asks InForum columnist Ross Nelson.
Nelson writes, "More people have died of COVID under Biden than under Trump, and it was Trump who pushed through the rapid vaccine development to liberals' delight. Doesn't that make Biden a bigger killer than Trump by precisely the same reasoning applied to both?"
"The sheer incompetence, cowardice, and corruption in our response to COVID-19 are proof that we as a country went down the wrong rabbit hole," InForum columnist Ross Nelson writes.
Nelson writes, "A new year seems a good time to clear up people's misconceptions about my politics. I've been accused of being a libertarian and a liberal; neither is true, but the accusations are evidence of how little most people concern themselves with understanding political views."