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Roxane B. Salonen


Salonen, a wife and mother of five, works as a freelance writer and speaker in Fargo. Email her at, and find more of her work at Peace Garden Passage,

Salonen writes, "While in the midst of wedding season, it seems a good time to review this foundational truth."
"Faith Conversations" writer Roxane B. Salonen finds out why these locals are part of a fraternity that aims to follow in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, living more devotedly to Christ; not in a cloister or monastery, but in the world as ordinary Christians.
Salonen writes, "Science reveals that our hormones and brains function differently; the cells of females have XX chromosomes, hardwiring femininity in the genes. Years after our deaths, if our graves are dug up, archaeologists will know whether we were male or female by examining our bones."
"Faith Conversations" writer Roxane B. Salonen finds out more about Andrzej Noyszewski and his connection to North Dakota after growing up in central Europe.
Salonen writes, "The emotional effects of the trauma seeped deeply into my soul. For I realized the punch represented not a moment in time, but the violence of abortion itself, and all the fractured relationships that result."
Salonen writes, "In the worst times in history, the education of our youngest citizens has been removed from parents’ hands and portioned to governments or other entities far less qualified and invested in the specific humans in our care."
"Faith Conversations" writer Roxane B. Salonen interviews several members of a group of women in the state who regret getting an abortion.
Salonen writes, "Peter Herbeck of Renewal Ministries offered an answer in a video, “Don’t Walk in Darkness,” saying her response reflects society’s abandonment of God and should be a warning.
International center for family and life will have a local imprint.
"Faith Conversations" features writer Roxane B. Salonen learns more about Central Cities Ministries, an ecumenical effort of local Christian churches that aims to help people with financial hardships.