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Scott Hennen


Scott Hennen hosts the statewide radio program “What’s On Your Mind?” On AM 1100 “The Flag”, KFYR AM 550, AM 1090 KTGO “The Flag” and AM 1460 KLTC. Email him at

Henne writes, "A new movie, entitled '2000 Mules' by Dinesh D'Souza, features information unearthed by an organization called True the Vote. We recently spoke to D'Souza to learn more about the allegations of fraudulent behavior chronicled in the movie."
Hennen writes, "I am a conservative Republican for many reasons related to the values I hold dear, but most especially because the party defends innocent life."
"When it comes to COVID, traditional media sources failed miserably. Free speech and journalistic principles were rare," writes Scott Hennen. "Now that the pandemic is nearing its end (despite the Democrats' attempts to escalate it once again, coincidentally before elections they are likely to lose), can we have an adult conversation about the lessons learned from this long national nightmare?"
It's a hopeful sign for our future.
Freedom and Easter give us Hope
Hennen writes, "Rick Becker, a Bismarck plastic surgeon. Becker is an eloquent champion of Republicans adopting a more Libertarian approach to governance. His accomplishments were thin during his time in the legislature, but he was successful in tapping into the frustrations with his oratory."
Don't let the "woke" win.
But North Dakota can’t afford not to fix it.
A dark time for those in their golden years
This week Hennen writes about two inspiring North Dakotans.