Special license will allow downtown Fargo venue to offer wine classes and events

A new business from the creators of Maxwell's in West Fargo is opening up in downtown Fargo.

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The first Cellar 624 wine event is planned for late January. Classes will cost around $35 to $45 to attend.

FARGO — The new event and catering venue, Cellar 624 is the first of its kind for the downtown community.

Ellen Wall is the general manager at Cellar 624, who says that countless hours have been spent remodeling the space that was once the VIP Room into Cellar 624.

"I think they're definitely going to notice the wine cellar that we have on display with over 800 bottles," Wall said.

Along with the wine bottles on display, the venue's liquor license will bring something new to the downtown area.

"We have a WVB liquor license which is the first of its kind," Wall said. "We had the Liquor Control Board in Fargo actually create it specifically for our venue space."


The license allows Cellar 624 to serve during events, and for educational purposes.

"An educational class can be anything from pairing wines with food to sampling different wines from around the world," Wall said.

But she also says picking out which wines will be up for tasting wasn't the hard part. The remodel had the team taking things one step at a time.

"It was a lot more intense than what we were expected, just because it's the building's so old," Wall said. "We had a lot to take out, it wasn't necessarily what we put in."

From architectural drawings to the real thing, working out the details has taken a whole team of people.

"Sitting down with the masterminds behind Maxwell's and the contractors we used throughout the process (...) really helped bring it to life," Wall said.

She says the goal now is to keep people coming back.

"I want them to have an experience that they remember," Wall said. "That it creates a memory for them. That when they come down here, they're like, 'Wow, this is something I would want to do again. This is something that makes me want to learn more about wine.'"


The first Cellar 624 wine event is planned for late January. Classes will cost around $35 to $45 to attend.

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