SPORTS SUNDAY: Volleyball is the family business and business is good

Travers Cox's has passed his love of volleyball to his two sons and it has brought them all together in Jamestown

Travers and Caylor Cox practicing ahead of Nationals at The University of Jamestown

Jamestown — Travers Cox first learned about the game of volleyball on a playground in Alaska.

"I started in middle school..." Cox remembers "PE Teacher Miss Hadley, I remember her name."

Travers is now the Coach of The University of Jamestown Men's Volleyball Team, the only program of its kind in North Dakota.

Cox has spent more than 30 years either playing or coaching volleyball, taking him from Alaska to Texas. It was in Montana Travers passed his life-long passion to his son Caylor, but he had to get creative to find him a team.

"I wasn't given a whole lot of opportunities." Caylor said "He started making that happen a little bit by reaching out to people getting connected with people. And then my aunt also helped make that happen."


Travers added "He played actually with a under 14 girls team, my sister's team."

The youngest son Caydann, a 6’3 senior on the basketball team at Jamestown High, has decided to put the ball over the net instead of through it…

Becoming the next member of the family to Jimmie Volleyball.

"Before it was just something I did for fun." said Caydann "but then I just wanted to be better than Caylor and just try to improve as best I could. He just made everything super competitive."

"Seeing him grow through volleyball has been interesting because he has height." Caylor shared "I've seen him slowly grow and eventually get taller than me over the last couple years. It's kind of annoying because I wish I was that tall."

Now the game that Travers picked up as a middle school student in Alaska, has brought the Cox family together on the same court in college.

Caylor even decided to stay at Jamestown an extra year to play with Caydann "I love my brother." he said "I think that it's pretty awesome that he's coming here."

"They have the same passion that I had for it." Travers said while smiling "They love being around their teammates, they love seeing what they can do in the game of volleyball. It's been super exciting."


The Jimmies will face vanguard in the first round of the NAIA Men's National Volleyball Championship.

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