Broomball National Championship shedding light on growing sport

Fargo played host to the 2019 Broomball National Championships this weekend, allowing fans and newcomers a look at the growing sport.

FARGO, ND -- USA Broomball has been around since the 1960's, but it's come a long way since its start in the Twin Cities.

"Back when I started... there might be two or three tournaments the whole year. There was no national championships, it was very localized and as you can see from this we have teams from Alaska to D.C.," Governor of USA Broomball Al Stauffacher said. "Social media just getting the game out and it came outside of Minnesota and now we are in different states. You just see the growth in the US, it used to be just Minnesota and the twin cities."

The growth and expansion of this sport is due in large part to its cross over with multiple sports.

"It's basically hockey with a good mix of hockey and lacrosse, I'd say the hockey obviously the same rink a little bit bigger net, but position wise and ball movement you really look for guys who have played soccer or lacrosse for the hand skills and the footwork," Captain of Kelly Lake, Tony Sikich noted. "It's basically hockey, obviously not as fast cause you are running around on shoes instead of skates, but similar tactics, similar five guys on the ice and one goalie, but hockey and then guys who are really successful and have soccer and lacrosse backgrounds as well."