There's only one event in the area that can bring people of all ages and backgrounds together.

Saturday will mark the 15th edition of the Fargo Marathon. For those that were part of the first race in 2005, in the snow, who would have thought it would have made it this long? But a funny thing happened over the last decade and a half. This region embraced the race.

In true North Dakota fashion, they turned into a party. It's not just a race, it's a tailgating scene. Just look at the scenes on 8th Street or the north side of Fargo. And by the way, this is at 7 am with bands blaring. You hear a little pushback from some people on raceday complaining that the course ties up traffic or they can't go their usual route to the store or mall. All I'll say is come on. It's one day!

I've had the pleasure of covering this race since 2007. For several years I sat in the pace truck to get a first hand look at how the city comes out to celebrate this day. I used to roll my eyes when I heard runners say, "I wanted to stop running, but I kept going cause everyone was running around me."

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That changed a couple years ago when I ran the 5K. I wanted to stop. Believe me. But the group of people around me kept pushing me. Friday will mark the fifth time I've run and while i'm not breaking any land speed records, it's made me feel part of something bigger.

So whether you're watching your kid run Thursday or running yourself Friday and Saturday, soak it in Fargo. Because not many big cities can have a feel good party like this.