"I've got it made in the shade," says Jerry Lein, who is a familiar face to Moorhead High School sports fans. "I've got my desk right by the doorway (to the Spuds' gym) and can watch the basketball games when not taking tickets," he adds. Current Moorhead athletic director Don Hulbert, who has been at the school for 22 years, says, "He (Jerry) has been here ever since I've been here. I inherited him from Phil Seljevold." It's actually been 27 years on the job for Lein as a ticket taker. "I'm seeing players now who are the kids of kids I watched when I started doing this," adds Lein. "I do this for one reason: to keep young," he exclaims. He will be turning 81 years old in July. Besides his longtime interest in sports, Lein has performed in 60 operas presented by the F-M Civic Opera Company from 1975-2001. He is also currently a guide at the Stavekirke at the Hjemkomst Center in Moorhead.

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