Potato-related penalty in Moorhead-Brainerd game

There were spuds all over the ice on Tuesday in a boys hockey game between Brainerd and Moorhead, none of which are enrolled at Moorhead High School. When the lights came back on after Brainerd introductions, there were about 50 potatoes in front of the Moorhead bench.

Jon Ammerman is in his fourth year coaching Moorhead. In his first two years, he had his entire team on the ice for introductions with the lights out and they were getting pelted with potatoes. A full slurpee even landed on the ice two seasons ago, so Ammerman put just his starters on the ice last season during introductions.

Potatoes kept coming, so he put everyone on the bench for Tuesday's game.

"It's one of those things that, to be honest, for me, it's not that big of a deal," Ammerman said. "I teach high school kids, so I know what high school kids think. I could see myself as an 18-year-old kid thinking that's pretty funny."

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After introductions, an announcement was made to the crowd to not throw anything on the ice. After Brainerd scored its first goal, another object was thrown on the ice and another announcement was made. When Moorehead tied the game 2-2 in the second period, a potato found its way to the ice. Refs called a penalty on Brainerd and the Spuds scored on the potato-related power play for a 3-2 lead.

Brainerd put the biscuit in the basket, instead of the potato on the ice, winning 4-3 in overtime. It was Moorhead's eighth loss in the 52-game series between the two.

Brainerd administration sent a letter of apology to Moorhead on Wednesday.

"Brainerd is a good atmosphere. They are excited when Moorhead comes to town," Ammerman said. "It's a good rivalry. I think they do an OK job of crowd control. I think it's a change they're trying to make. They are showing that they're trying to put an end to it."

Forum area basketball rankings

(The Forum ranks area basketball teams based on what team has the best chance to win a state title in its respective class)


1. Fergus Falls

2. Lake Park-Audubon

3. Breckenridge

4. Fergus Falls Hillcrest

5. Perham


1. Wheaton-Herman-Norcross

2. Barnesville

3. New York Mills

4. Brandon-Evansville

5. Ada-Borup

Breckenridge makes statement against Perham

So much for Class 2A, Section 8 boys basketball belonging to Perham. Breckenridge let it be known the section championship will not be won without a fight, knocking off Perham 65-62 on the road on Friday.

Breckenridge has a new coach, only it's actually an old coach. Arly Ohm coached at Breckenridge from 1994-99 and again in the 2000-01 season. He took over again this season, after Tyler Bormann took the boys basketball job at Moorhead.

"Tyler Bormann deserves a lot of this credit," Ohm said. "He did a great job with this program. There's a lot of kids in the program excited for basketball. The transition has been really smooth. A lot of people thought I was out of coaching, but anyone who knows me knows I never left."

Breckenridge has seniors Carson Yaggie and Stevin Lipp bringing back the most experience, but sophomore Noah Christensen is averaging a double-double and junior Andrew Kram has taken over at point guard through the first three games. The Cowboys are 2-1 with their only loss to being one of the best Class 3A teams in Fergus Falls.

"We have a system and it starts with defense," Ohm said. "They believe in our system. That's a tribute to our kids."

Ohm said if people enjoy basketball then the section tournament is where they should be.

"There's going to be a lot of hard outs come March," Ohm said. "It isn't just Breckenridge and Perham. This is a very strong year for Section 8AA. If you're a basketball fan in the area, March Madness is going to be a lot of fun."