Tomorrow was set to be my favorite day on the calendar.

Well second favorite next to my son's birthday. Opening Day. The yearly renewal of belief that this was the year that my favorite baseball team would find some way to not disappoint me in every way imaginable. Of course I got a subtle reminder yesterday with the news that Noah Syndergaard would need Tommy John surgery and miss all of this season.

But at least for a few minutes I was upset that the Mets chances for the playoffs was thrown off and not by the fact we may not see baseball for months.

It's odd for us in the sports world. We love sports, but it's also our profession to talk about sports. There are no games, but this hasn't stopped the ingenuity of some teams trying to stay in shape or at least keep a smile thru some tough times.

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There's the Concordia softball team having a virtual catch with each other after its season was cancelled. There are football players trying to stay in shape, Bison freshman Brandon Westberg making a make-shift weight room in his garage in Cambridge, Minnesota. He and so many others doing whatever they can to stay in shape without sports going on.

There are no games. But that will not stop us from finding sports and talking about sports. And getting mad about sports.