Herdt's Homecoming: Former Spud thriving with the Cobbers

With 21 points in his first 13 games, Aaron Herdt is making an impact in his first season with Concordia.
Concordia junior Aaron Herdt catches his breath at practice. (WDAY-TV)
Concordia junior Aaron Herdt catches his breath at practice. (WDAY-TV)

MOORHEAD, Minn. (WDAY-TV) There's an old saying you can't go home again. However Concordia junior Aaron Herdt is proving that saying doesn't hold true for him.

Four years ago, Aaron Herdt didn't imagine a return home possible.

"At the time no I really didn't," Aaron Herdt said.

The Moorhead Sports Center has always held a special place in his heart.

"My last game here was against Brainerd in the section semis and we won 2-1. I slid a pass over to Grant Weiss," Herd recalled. "Captain to captain, goal, game-winner in the last minute, I still get goosebumps thinking about it."

Herdt's hockey journey after playing for the Spuds didn't seem as smooth as that pass. After juniors Herdt spent two years at Division 1 Alaska-Fairbanks, but something began to wear on him.

"I had enough of traveling," Herdt stated. "We would leave Tuesday nights, catch the Red Eye flight. Fly to Seattle from Fairbanks and then we would go to Detroit, Chicago or Minneapolis depending where we were playing."

It wasn't just the travel that took its toll on Herdt, but also the cold, dark Alaskan winters.

"It's terrible. It's not fun. My roommates and I had a happy lamp in there and a lot of our guys had them," Herdt said.

Knowing Herdt since he was a peewee at Moorhead, Concordia head coach Chris Howe had always kept a close relationship with Herdt, planting the seed if he ever thought about coming home, the Cobbers would welcome him with open arms.

"Just seeing him in the summers I would always touch base," Howe said.

"He always said I had a home here and I really had no other interest playing anywhere else," Herdt said.

This year the Former Spud came back to play with the Cobbers and hasn't missed a stride.

"It's just second nature here everything about it," the Cobbers junior center said.

Herdt's line has the top three scorers in the MIAC. Tallying 21 points in 13 games, not only has he brought his scoring touch to Concordia, but made everyone around him better.

"He's always been a dynamic player and its a lot of fun having him back," Howe said.

And now that he's back, He's here to stay.

"This is community based hockey and that's what I grew up playing and that's what I love playing," Herd said. "It's very prevalent here in Moorhead. Family, friends, it's super nice to be back. "