Community in Henning 'buzzing' over boys basketball team

HENNING - With an enrollment of 112, Henning is one of the smallest boys basketball teams heading to the Twin Cities. However the support for the Hornets is anything but small.

On a weekday afternoon out in the woods in lakes country, the streets of Henning aren't too busy, but inside the school gym, a buzz is growing.

Being the only boys team in the school not co-op with another city, these kids know how special this moment is not only for them, but the name that is on the front of their jerseys.

"I think the community really backs it because its the one sport for boys that isn't with any other people," Henning junior guard Blake Wallevand said, "They can see the guys around our town that they see everyday play basketball."

"Its just a little bit different," Hornets basketball coach Randy Misegades said, "Henning has been very prideful of its basketball program for a long time. Going back to the 60's these kids have heard about it too"

It's been 53 years since Henning has seen its boys basketball team make it to state. Now that they've returned this community has come out in waves to support its hometown team.

"We get a lot of support from our community. Around town there is a lot of posters everywhere," senior guard Sam Fischer said, "Basically every store I have looked at there's posters made for us."

Even late at night after their section championship win, the Hornets were greeted with a hero's welcome. The Vining and Henning police and fire departments met the team bus outside of town and escorted them back into town.

"If anybody was sleeping in Vining or Henning that night they weren't after we went through," Misegades said.

These kids look to now put Henning on the map across Minnesota.

"People ask you where are you from and you say Henning, they ask where is that? You have to reference Fergus," Wallevand said, "Its kind of nice now hopefully people will realize where Henning."