A weekend sweep: Hawley's Jegtvig wins feature three days in a row

GLYNDON, Minn. - Taking second place two weeks in a row has never been on Blake Jegtvig's "things to do" list. The Hawley, Minn., Modified driver snapped that funk in a hurry. After runner-up finishes the last two weeks at Buffalo River Race Park...

Staying on course
Shawn and Chad Johnson, left, pull ahead of Dan Dowling and Justin Sauvageau (2) and Ernie Geist and Chris Johnston (99) during the Road Hogs race Sunday night at the Buffalo River Race Park. Photo by Carrie Snyder / The Forum

GLYNDON, Minn. - Taking second place two weeks in a row has never been on Blake Jegtvig's "things to do" list.

The Hawley, Minn., Modified driver snapped that funk in a hurry.

After runner-up finishes the last two weeks at Buffalo River Race Park, Jegtvig took the checkered flag on Sunday.

He also won Modified features at Norman County Raceway on Thursday and Red River Valley Speedway on Friday.

"Getting second two weeks in a row, I didn't know what was going on. This was a lot better," Jegtvig said. "But winning on Thursday and Friday, too, makes it a pretty good weekend."


Mike Stearns led the bulk of the 25-lap feature, and was getting rocket starts off of the multiple early restarts.

But once the drivers got a run of about 10 laps under their belts, Jegtvig was able to hold off Rick Jacobson and catch Stearns - who he passed in lap traffic.

"Stearns and Jacobson are nightmares," Jegtvig said. "They're going to haunt you all day long and they're tough to get around. But you're only as fast as the guys you're running against."

Jegtvig often runs away from the field on the high side of the track, but slowly caught and passed Stearns using the low line on Sunday.

"You've got to go where you can go," Jegtvig said with a laugh. "I definitely needed the momentum, because I wasn't getting anywhere on those restarts."

Travis Saurer scored 54th career feature win in the Midwest Mods at BRRP, and he was also fifth in the Modifieds feature.

In the Midwest Modifieds, Rich Pavlicek was sent to the back for a caution with nine laps to go - but raced to the front to finish fourth.

Chad Sogge took first in the Legends feature, stopping Patrick Brejcha's winning streak at three at BRRP. Brejcha was second on Sunday.


For the fourth week in a row, Derik Eiter blew the field away to win the Pure Stocks feature. The 2007 points champ in the class hasn't lost since his car broke down in the season opener.

Rob VanMil stayed in front of the trouble in a caution-filled Mod Fours feature en route to the victory. The Hawley, Minn., driver also won on opening night on May 10.

Fargo's Benjamin Lage won the Hornets feature for the second week in a row.

Brothers Shawn and Chad Johnson took first in the Road Hogs feature. It was their second feature win in the last three weeks, and they were second the week they didn't win in that stretch.

Road Hogs

First heat: 1, Dan Dowling-Justin Sauvageau. 2, Shawn Johnson-Chad Johnson. 3, Sean Johnson-Dylan Johnson.

Feature: 1, Shawn Johnson-Chad Johnson. 2, Ernie Geist-Chris Johnston. 3, Sean Johnson-Dylan Johnson. 4, Brian Petermann-Alison Petermann. 5, Zane Seelye-Pete Seelye.



First heat: 1, Chad Sogge, Barnesville, Minn. 2, Kasey Kurtz, Perham, Minn. 3, Patrick Brejcha, Wahpeton, N.D.

Feature: 1, Sogge. 2, Brejcha. 3, Kurtz. 4, Marv Priem. 5, Andrew Sommerfeld, Bismarck, N.D.

Mod Fours

First heat: 1, Corry VanMil, Lake Park, Minn. 2, Kurt Deters, Sauk Centre, Minn. 3, John Schulke, Bemidji, Minn.

Second heat: 1, Rob VanMil, Dilworth. 2, Bryce Bjerken, Felton, Minn. 3, Troy Kuehl, Glyndon, Minn.

Third heat: 1, Dean Larson, Pennock, Minn. 2, Justin Bjorklund, Renville, Minn. 3, Cory Ohnstad, Harwood, N.D.

B-main: 1, Dustin Zieske, Danube, Minn. 2, Cody Erickson, Ulen, Minn. 3, Tyler Larson, Pennock, Minn. 4, James Erdmann, Horace, N.D. 5, Tyler Hall, Fertile, Minn.

Feature: 1, R. VanMil. 2, D. Larson. 3, Ohnstad. 4, Josh Abrahamson, Moorhead. 5, Kuehl.

Midwest Modifieds

First heat: 1, Ryan Mikkelson, Jamestown, N.D. 2, Mike Anderson, West Fargo. 3, Rich Pavlicek, Casselton, N.D.

Second heat: 1, Jeff Nelson, Perham, Minn 2, Lance Schill, Langdon, N.D. 3, Ryan Stall, Moorhead.

Third heat: 1, Charlie Jensen, Glyndon, Minn. 2, Travis Saurer, Elizabeth, Minn. 3, Scott Bintz, Jamestown, N.D.

Feature: 1, T. Saurer. 2, Bintz. 3, Ron Saurer, Dalton, Minn. 4, Pavlicek. 5, Mikkelson.


First heat: 1, James Cooper, Mahnomen, Minn. 2, Greg Umlauf, Fergus Falls, Minn. 3, Shawn Dement, Fargo.

Second heat: 1, Bryce Mueller, Mahnomen, Minn. 2, Benjamin Lage, Fargo. 3, Spencer Kuehl, Glyndon, Minn.

Feature: 1, Lage. 2, Cooper. 3, Dement. 4, Shane Steinhaus, Fargo. 5, Mueller.

Pure Stocks

First heat: 1, Brad Lee, Dilworth. 2, Norm Olson, Glyndon, Minn. 3, Caleb Lehse, Fargo.

Second heat: 1, Luke Johnson, Glyndon, Minn. 2, Matthew Milbeck, Pelican Rapids, Minn. 3, Tyler Alm, West Fargo.

Feature: 1, Derik Eiter, Fargo. 2, Jesse Skalicky, Fargo. 3, Lee. 4, Johnson. 5, Randall Henriksen, Glyndon, Minn.


First heat: 1, Travis Saurer, Elizabeth, Minn. 2, Rick Jacobson, Wilton, Minn. 3, Jason Blue, Moorhead.

Second heat: 1, Trevor Saurer, Dalton, Minn. 2, Bob Sagen, Arthur, N.D. 3, Blake Jegtvig, Hawley, Minn.

Third heat: 1, Mike Stearns, Hecla, S.D. 2, Corky Thomas, Fargo. 3, Blake Borgen, Perley, Minn.

Feature: 1, Jegtvig. 2, Jacobson. 3, Stearns. 4, Paul Engelstad, Beltrami, Minn. 5, Travis Saurer.

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