Badger senior helps elevate robotics program

Kennedy Truscinski

BADGER-- The spring is supposed to be the busiest time of the year for Badger High School’s Kennedy Truscinski.

“Everything is right in the palm of your hand and it’s just getting ripped away from you,” said Truscinski.

She had high expectations for her senior season in trap shooting, while also working to make a return at the state golf tournament. It’s in the workshop though, where Kennedy shines competing on the school’s robotics team.

“I never thought I would be interested in it, but then one time my parents had taken me to one of the events and I was like wow this is insane and I started to love it,” said Truscinski.


What started as watching her two older siblings compete and her mom serving as head coach, turned Kennedy into becoming a co-driver and team captain.

“Ever since then we have become really successful, it was hard to imagine that could ever happen,” said Truscinski.

Trying out robotics by chance turned into another passion for Kennedy, even helping guide Badger to the school’s first ever state title.

“I don’t know how to explain how the feeling was, it was unreal,” said Truscinski.

The spring was full of promise for this eager senior, but Kenendy Trucinski is now reflecting and thankful for her activities shaping her into who she is today.

“It’s really cool to be in all sorts of different activities because you meet so many new people and making new connections with all sorts of different kinds of people, it’s really cool,” said Truscinski.

That hard work in athletics and arts while holding a near perfect GPA has Kennedy recognized in Minnesota as one of the state’s EXCEL winners during her junior year. It was a ceremony that Kennedy couldn’t even attend because of her dedication to robotics.


“I had to make a really hard decision of either going down to the girls state tournament and accepting the award during halftime or sticking with my team and competing, it was in Grand Forks for that tournament. I decided that it would be wrong of me if I went to go accept an award and basically ditch my team. I’m a really big part of the team, so I’m the electric captain, the team captain, and a co driver, so if I were to have left, it basically would have been the waste of a tournament,” said Truscinski.

In addition to her spring athletics and robotics, Kennedy is involved in National Honor Society, Math League, Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, 4-H, and photography. Kennedy’s passion of helping others will continue in the fall, when she attends the University of Minnesota-Rochester to study nursing.


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