As another snowstorm is bearing down on the area, high school athletes have to be wondering, " When are we going to play an actual game?"

The North Dakota High School Activities Association could help them out.

Tuesday in Casselton, the Central Cass and Kindred-Richland softball teams endured 34 degrees and 20 mile per hour winds in their respective season openers. The players were just ecstatic to play outside after weeks of practicing indoors. Yes, this winter has been unrelenting, but why does the spring sports season have to begin so early in North Dakota?

Track started March 4th, baseball and softball on March 18th. Why so early?

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The North Dakota High School Activities Association wraps the spring season in a ten day period running from Memorial Day to early June, with five state championships being held in different sports in one weekend. Can't that be spread out so that the seasons can last longer?

Think of the last two senior classes in North Dakota. Did they really think they had a spring sports season? Last year baseball and softball teams were playing five to six games a week. In the Eastern Dakota Conference, the athletic directors created a conference tournament just so their teams could get some more games in before the state tournament.

The high school association says going deeper into June isn't an option because of family vacations, American legion baseball and other commitments. Minnesota goes into the third week of June with its golf and baseball championships, and seemingly doesn't get shortchanged, why doesn't North Dakota?

The fall and winter athletes don't have this issue, I believe the NDHSAA owes to its spring athletes to at least consider it.

One year we may have the first outdoor track meet be at the state tournament