This week's Hot Mic is a personal airing of grievances.

Actually just one. July 1st is a red letter date for me. It's become known as Bobby Bonilla Day.

Why? The former All-Star, who hasn't played played major league baseball since 2001, gets nearly 1.2 million bucks from the New York Mets today. He's been paid that every year since 2011 and will get it still until 2035.

How you ask did this happen? Bonilla and his agent negotiated with the Mets to defer the remaining five million dollars of his salary and with interest, boom there ya go. The worst negotiation in sports history.

But it got to me thinking. I shouldn't be complaining to this sports fan base.

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They've dealt with some doozies. Remember the trade for Johan Santana? That was bad. The signings of Tyshiohsi Nishioka and Byung Ho Park?

But none are as bad as the Vikings deal for Herschel Walker. Minnesota traded three first round picks to the Cowboys to get the player they thought would win them a Super Bowl. Instead it was the Cowboys taking those picks and building the dynasty of the '90s.

While Viking fans occasionally hear about that, Bonilla Day is yearly. Every July 1. Bonilla gets his money. And I'm reminded what life is like as a Mets fan.