WEST FARGO — Basketball is back in the metro and two former Bison stars are giving back in a creative way. Inside the Rustad Recreation Center on Tuesday, 36 kids are learning from two of Bison basketball’s best.

"Yeah they’re probably like mom and dad putting me in a basketball camp, they have no idea who we are, no idea," laughed Ben Woodside.

This is the fourth year of Woodside-Moormann basketball camp. This youth camp is put on by NDSU’s all-time leading scorer Ben Woodside and his former teammate Luke Moorman from the 2009 NCAA Tournament team.

"We’re at the point now where we will say some things and they’re like who are these guys," said Moorman.

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This year’s camp has a much different look with social distance guidelines.

"We weren’t sure for a while if it was going to happen but we’re glad it did. We’re used to having 10 to 15 kids in a group doing a lot of group exercises, group workouts, group passing, we can’t do any of that anymore," said Moormann.

Now each basket only can have two players shoot at a time, along with no passing drills, no hand shakes, no drinking at the water fountain, and only 36 players across three age groups can participate in this three day camp as opposed to the normal 40 kids per session.

"You can only do two at a time, not sharing balls, we all have to have our own water bottles and everything so we can have the same stuff. It’s different but it’s not that tough," said seventh grader Sam Glandt.

"Hopefully this isn’t something that we have to do every year. Hopefully we can get back to some of the things that we did where we are passing basketballs back and forth to each other, where we’re doing some competitions back and forth with each other," said Moorman.

These two former teammates are making the best of this situation though, while giving back to the community that gave so much to them.

"Obviously working with Luke every year, it’s great that we can see each other and hang out being that we were past players and past teammates together so that’s always a good time," said Woodside.

"This is always a chance for Ben and I to get together to tell kids what it takes to play at the next level. I didn’t always have that growing up and opportunities like this to tell them whether it’s playing on the freshman team next year, whether it’s to make the 7th grade A squad, or to play college someday. These are the things, and all fundamentals, and all skill development, not necessarily the funnest things a kid likes to do, but things that they need to do to play at the next level," said Moorman.

The Woodside-Moormann youth basketball camp also continues later this summer in Jamestown and Tioga.