If you have been paying attention, there's two words you've heard over and over in our sports over the last couple of days.

Transfer portal.

Three years ago, transfer portal would be something you would find in an Avengers movie. Now, it's a destination spot with athletes that are looking for new places to play.

According to ESPN, there are nearly 700 basketball players in the transfer portal right now. That number will only grow over the next few weeks and it's not slowing down any time soon.

The reasons why this is happening depend on the individual athlete. A majority of the time as it was with a couple of former Bison basketball players, it was about playing time and lack of it. They're hoping for more at a different spot.

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Others are looking for a change of scenery or the coach that recruited them to come there is no longer there.

Here's a crazy stat over the last couple of days. The Summit League freshman and defensive players of the year are both in the portal.

For those of you longing for college athletes to honor their scholarship and commitment, it's time to wake up. Those days are over.

College coaches like Dave Richman not only have to recruit high school players, but their own team. Because you would be naive to think no Big Ten or Big 12 team is trying to talk to 6-10 freshman Grant Nelson, who just won the Summit League Sixth man of the year.

It's the reality we live in now. The portal is here to stay.