FARGO-- By combining technology and research, Shoot 360 isn’t your average basketball training facility.

“We’re beyond excited and just kind of pinching ourselves that it’s actually here,” said owner Josh Johnson.

Shoot 360 is a nationwide company, with dearly two dozen locations. On Thursday, Fargo will be added to the list of big cities with this one of a kind training.

“They just opened another one outside of LA, Sacramento, Houston, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, and then we have Fargo. I went into the store in Los Angeles, I just knew right then and there this is something I have to bring to Fargo,” said Johnson.

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“I think one of the really cool things about this facility is that they built their own building, they weren't going into an existing place. So the fact that they built on their own, they have all the customizations available to them, so that’s also really cool,” said Shoot 360 Training Manager, Kenese Peneueta.

Now small town North Dakota is using data to drive local basketball players to get better with each shot.

“Shoot 360 does a really good job combining quality and quantity. So with quality, you get the feedback that you’re getting from coaches, and you get the feedback from our tech that is objective, it’s not the opinion of a coach, but it’s backed by science, technology, and research. All of the games they play and even the drills, it keeps track of their skill and performance. So that way they have their high score today and they can work to set that and beat it the next time that they come back,” said Peneueta.

Johnson is the man behind the numbers. As the owner of the Fargo Basketball Academy, he wanted another way to make practice not only more exciting, but engaging. He knew Fargo was the perfect place.

“I know kids love video games, I know kids love stimulation, I know technology is the future. So this combines just everything that we love and that we know kids love,” said Johnson.

The facility also features interactive technology boards that fine tune your dribble game or polish the perfect pass.

“I have never seen anything like that, especially when you can’t touch it with your hands, you have to use the ball, it’s pretty cool,” said Fargo South senior Adie Wagner.

“Working on your skill base and getting better from a young age to being a senior now or even in college it helps and not needing an instructor there and just getting better on your own,” Wagner added.

“It’s really exciting from the video game aspect, to the competition aspect, to where there’s even the capability of we can sync up any Shoot 360 in the world and you can have live simulated competitions in real time. So again, when you bring in technology, the possibilities are so exciting, but it’s really just the gamification of basketball raining in a video game-like setting,” said Johnson.

It’s a new way to make basketball practice just as fun as game days.

“It tracks stuff that you can’t track anywhere else like that’s something that you always have an idea about, but we never have been able to measure it precisely until we had this tech,” said Peneueta.

“It’s overwhelming to see their reaction when they come in, let alone when they first start to play on the equipment, like that’s the payoff for us,” said Johnson.

Shoot 360 opens Thursday, October 14th off 52nd Avenue in South Fargo. To learn more about how to try out the facility, click this link.