ADA, MN -- While all players on the 2019 Ada-Bourp/Norman County West boys basketball team were under the age of nine the last time they made the state tournament, that 2009 team had a lasting impact.

"Honestly I remember quite a bit, my dad was still the coach back then I was part of it, I always went to practice everyday with those older guys and I remember it pretty well," Senior Tommy Stewart said. "Hanging with those guys I looked up to them so much and it’s just awesome to be someone that the little kids look up to me now.”

Motivation not only comes from previous boys teams, as the success of the Cougar girls is also always on the mind.

"It's kind of a jealous thing, you see the girls have success every year, they’re down at the state tournament a lot and you always want that feeling as a boys player," Junior Mason Miller said.

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“Everyday practicing in here you see the girls up there and ya know they’ve been so good over the years," Senior Jared Brainard noted. "But, that gives you a little bit more drive for the boys to hold up our side of it too.”

Ada-Borup/Norman County West will see Cromwell Wright, Thursday at 3:00 P.M. in Williams Arena.