"If NDSU beats Duke ..."

It became a thing on Twitter earlier this week after the North Dakota State basketball team beat North Carolina Central in the NCAA tournament's First Four and earned a matchup against No. 1 overall seed Duke.

Basketball fans, including a parody account that has fun with North Dakota tourism, are vowing to do some wild stunts if the massive underdog Bison somehow upset the powerful Blue Devils.

Naming the state after the Bison point guard? That's pretty good.

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A team seeded 16th, like the Bison, have only defeated a No. 1 seed once in NCAA tournament history -- last year when the University of Maryland-Baltimore County knocked off top seeded Virginia. So people are very confident in making up wild things they'll do if NDSU wins Friday evening in Columbia, S.C.

A couple of tweeters have vowed to hold the big talkers to their vows if NDSU wins.

And some promises, frankly, aren't suitable for print in a family publication. There seems to be a lot of people, many of whom seem to be Bison fans, who will get a Bison logo tattoo in a nether region. Others vow to get body parts pierced -- body parts we don't want to mention here.

We think it's all in fun.

What would be really fun was if NDSU pulled one of the greatest upsets in college basketball history, if only to see how many people followed through on their wild pledges.

Here's a sampling of the big-talkers: